With years of experience in front of the speakers and behind the controls, Jason can help you shape your project while always serving the song, podcast, or film. He has experience in live and studio sound reinforcement, as well as multiple DAW setups including Pro Tools, Cubase (Artist, 4, SX, and LE), GarageBand, REAPER, Adobe Audition, and SONAR. Jason has worked with the following artists in the noted capacities:

Ophir Drive (producer, engineer for Before I Burn; piano, backing vocals)
Brent Lindley (producer for Beneath My Sky; bass, drums, guitar, banjo, B-3)
Neal Lucas (assistant engineer for Document Studio)
Don Williams (producer, engineer for Crystal Eyes of Blue; piano, bass)
Malis Malis (producer, Crossing the Bar; bass, drums, guitar)
George Miles (producer, engineer)
The Oneeders (producer, engineer for The Oneeders; piano, guitar)
Mark Michaelson (guitar on In This World But Not Of It)
Chris Trammell (B3 on Shaken)
Football Partnerships (executive producer of the Football Partnerships Podcast)
UNICEF USA (executive producer of the UNICEF Enterprise Podcast)
Moderately Informed (audio engineer for the Moderately Informed Podcast)
Dave Van (engineer, producer)
UnCommon (engineer, producer for What Time is It)
Baby Cobra (engineer, producer for Entervention)
CornerPocket (engineer, producer for Title TBD)
Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero (audio engineer, voice of Sgt. Casburn)